Launching soon – new XD Practitioner Certification for industry professionals

APMG International's is proudly working with global Human-centred Experience Design Consultancy Immersion Group, to deliver a global, industry-first XD Practitioner certification

Experience Design professionals are in high demand

To help develop and prepare the industry for the right best practice skills and methodologies & to grow careers within this rapidly growing discipline, Immersion Group’s training unit and APMG have developed the XD Practitioner certification. This certification aims to help new and experienced industry professionals grow their knowledge of XD and accelerate their career path by:

  • Discovering how XD works to synergise the many design disciplines to create great experiences
  • Encouraging them to challenge the status quo when it comes to traditional experience methods & frameworks
  • Continuously place the audience or end-user at the centre of their experience stage when orchestrating the best possible solutions
  • Grow or update their knowledge of their own discipline
  • Improve best practice adoption for themselves as well as within teams
  • Accelerate their career paths into leading experience design teams

A new industry discipline

Experience design is a new industry discipline; a niche skillset designed to bring together a complex mix of design disciplines creating a more holistic and full-circle approach in engineering memorable experiences. These skills will empower new XD practitioners to create experiences that positively impact human lives, encouraging systematic behaviour-change and contribute to improved societal growth for people and for industry.

“When we look at the many different design disciplines – service design, user experience design, user interface design, employee experience design and even customer experience design – we often find these separate units operate in very much a silo-stigma format,” says Nehal Shah, Head of Learning & Innovation at Immersion Group. “What we really need to do as an industry, is encourage these disciplines to all play their vital roles within a greater ecosystem – working together, holistically to create a shared vision and achieve shared goals. The result is a satisfying, impactful and memorable experience with longevity.”

XD Practitioner training and certification

Successful experiences are created when design disciplines work in synergy. As an XD practitioner, you’ll need to be able to address many challenges including understanding your audience, working collaboratively with other design teams as well as stakeholders within the larger ecosystem of the business, in creating positive experiences that will not only result in great memories, but also create and maintain a deep connection with your end-user.

The XD Practitioner Course will help you gain all of this and more through the understanding of the purpose of each design discipline – and what role they each play in the creation of great experiences.

This holistic view is achieved through the extensive XD Practitioner Course offered by Immersion Group and certified through the APMG-International XD Practitioner examination.

Addressing the need for a new discipline

Through extensive research and planning, Immersion Group surfaced several challenges within the industry. Challenges included a silo-approach to designing and orchestrating experiences throughout an organisation and the need to create a learning system that is designed to enlighten, engage and inform, to help professionals in the industry better align with industry standards and global approach – and to also create more T-shaped individuals to uplift and grow the industry – transforming organisations through upskilled professionals and industry newcomers.

About Immersion Group

The Immersion Group is a human-centred experience design practice committed to creating memorable human experiences that impact human lives and ultimately build value.

For more information visit: Immersion Group website or LinkedIn

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